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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
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Ethics Consultation

Captain Elizabeth Holmes, USN, (Ret.) has presented the following items with the support of Mr. Steven Newberry:

  • Marine Corps Combat/Operational Stress Control Conference: "A Model for Ethical Decision Making"
  • New England Education Assessment Network, The College of the Holy Cross, "Moral Education Assessment: Development, Implementation, and Application"
  • Judge Advocate General for the Navy Commander Training Symposium, Washington Navy Yard. "Moral Decision Making Case Study"
  • International Symposium on Military Ethics (formerly, JSCOPE) University of San Diego, Special Plenary: "Ethical Leadership" "Ethical Decision- Making Research and Application"
  • National Consortium for Character-Based Leadership: Center for the Study of the Presidency, Georgetown University "Trends in Higher Education: How to Teach Character and Leadership"
  • 22nd Annual Conference on the Teaching of Psychology Ideas and Innovations, Farmingdale State College SUNY: "The 21st Century Student: Computer Simulations to Teach Moral Reasoning" Workshop on cutting edge pedagogy in the psychology classroom.
  • Dept Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity: "Developing technology to teach research ethics."
  • United States Coast Guard Academy, Commandants Office for Education and Training: "Teaching Ethics Using "The Weekend" case simulation.
  • Naval War College, Dept of Leadership: "Developing Distance Education Ethics Modules"
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