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Ethics Center Staff

In keeping with Naval Academy tradition, the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership endeavors to maintain a staff that includes both military and civilian personnel. Each person brings a unique perspective borne of his or her experiences and expertise. Presently, our staff includes:

Center Leadership

Assistant Directors and Support Personnel

  • Luce 201F Dr. Shaun Baker, PhD., Assistant Director,
  • Luce 237 LCDR Misty Odom, USMC, Assistant Director
  • Luce 201B Mrs. Marge Bem, Senior Staff Assistant to the Director
  • Luce 201 Ms. Jaclyn Danna, Department Secretary

Senior Fellows

  • Joseph Capizzi, Ph.D. Catholic University of America, Associate Professor of Moral Theology and Ethics, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Rear Admiral Alan T. Baker, Chaplain Corps, USN (Ret.), former Chaplain of the Marine Corps
  • CAPT. James Campbell, USN, (Ret.), USNA Distinguished Military Professor of Character
  • CDR Kevin Haney, USN, (Ret.), USNA Distinguished Military Professor of Leadership
  • Dr. Elizabeth Holmes, CAPT., MSC, USN (Ret.) former Stockdale Center Director of Assessment
  • Mr. Milton C. Regan, MA, J.D., Class of 1984 Distinguished Chair of Ethics
  • Dr. George Lucas, former USNA Distinguished Chair in Ethics
  • COL Jeffrey McCausland, USA (Ret.), Founder and CEO of Diamonds6 Leadership and Strategy
  • Mr. Richard Meade, former USNA Men's Lacrosse Head Coach and Professor of Physical Education
  • Dr. Joel Rosenthal, PhD, President, Carnegie Council
  • CAPT Rick Rubel, USN (Ret.), USNA Distinguished Military Professor of Ethics
  • Vice Admiral Philip M. Quast, USN (Ret.), former Executive Learning Officer for the Navy
  • Dr. Steven Wrage, PhD. Professor, USNA Political Science Dept.

2015-2016 Stockdale Center Fellows

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