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Naval Academy Flying Squadron

NIFA Competitions

What is a NIFA event?

NIFAThe National Intercollegiate Flying Association was formed for the purposes of developing and advancing aviation education; to promote, encourage and foster safety in aviation; to promote and foster communications and cooperation between aviation students, educators, educational institutions and the aviation industry; and to provide an arena for collegiate aviation competition.

The NIFA events consist of two aviation planning ground tests, an aviation recognition test, a preflight with simulated malfunctions, a simulator instrument skills practical test, power-on and power-off precision landing events, a message drop (bombing) event, and a precision navigation event. Teams are scored on each individual event with aggregate scores determining team standings.

Every NIFA event promotes teamwork and camaraderie including the “Red Baron Award” for the team which best embodies these principles.

For more information on NIFA, visit their website

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