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Naval Academy Flying Squadron


The Naval Academy Training Squadron, VT-NA, is a professional training organization at the United States Naval Academy dedicated to the cultivation and training of our nation's future Naval Aviators. VT-NA seeks to introduce future aviators to the principles and skills of aviation by maximizing training and exposure opportunities. VT-NA is the first step in educating the Midshipmen of the Naval Academy about the Naval Aviation community. The United States Naval Academy is the largest single commissioning source of Naval Aviators in the country, and plays a crucial stage in training before aviators arrive at Pensacola. VT-NA's long-term goal is to produce the highest caliber aviators by exposing Midshipmen to the fundamental elements of aviation as early as possible, so as to develop a fond and deep understanding of the profession, and cultivate a passion of flying in future Naval Aviators.

What We Do

Since our inception, VT-NA has generated a dramatic rise in interest from the Brigade of Midshipmen. Beginning from a relatively small group, VT-NA has increased to an active all-volunteer staff of over 30 Midshipmen, with a membership of more than 400 aspiring aviators. The Squadron maximizes Midshipman exposure to the field of aviation through a variety of activities, to include briefs from current and retired Navy pilots and flight officers, trips to aviation museums and centers, and visits to active sites such as Patuxent River and Potomac Air Traffic Control facilities. VT-NA's primary mission in developing aviators involves active flight training, including FAA and Introductory Flight Screening ground school, as well as simulator training in part time task trainers donated from Pensacola. The hallmark of VT-NA's flight training is the Naval Academy Soaring Team, a team of 30 midshipmen who are learning the principles and precision of flight by training in gliders. The United States Military has used glider training since World War II to develop and hone its top aviators to handle and control its multi-million dollar platforms. The Naval Academy Aviation Squadron also prides itself in its FAA and Navy Introductory Flight Screening Ground School classes.

Our Vision

The midshipman and officer leaders of VT-NA understand that Naval Aviation, now more than ever, is in need of the highest quality aviators. Because the Naval Academy represents the largest single pre-commissioning source of Naval Aviators, it is a prime opportunity to augment and enhance a future aviator's overall training. With this in mind, VT-NA hopes to continue to expand its operations, to include enhanced simulator facilities, continued trips to aviation related sites in the region, a robust speaker series to ignite the passion of aviation and a fully self-sustaining Glider Team. Our mission is to develop Midshipmen into the most prepared and competent Student Naval Aviators the Naval Academy has ever produced. Furthermore, VT-NA seeks to adequately prepare future Naval Aviators for the rigors of Pensacola, and ensure the highest possible retention rate in one of the military's most demanding and necessary curriculums. We also aspire to represent the United States Naval Academy and the US Navy in the highly competitive inter-collegiate flying competitions with the 144 flight universities around the country, including Embry-Riddle, The University of North Dakota, Purdue, and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

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