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Naval Academy Flying Squadron

Ground School Information


The purpose and objective of this course is to provide midshipmen with a solid, foundational knowledge of the aviation community and to prepare them for the Nav's Introductory Flight Screening (IFS) program. At the conclusion of this course, midshipmen will have the required knowledge to pass the FAA Private Pilot written exam during IFS which is required of all SNA and SNFO selectees per Navy regulations (CNATRAINST 3501.1B).


All lessons will be based on the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual per Navy regulations. A number of manuals and test guides will be available from the aviation squadron for personal study at the Nimitz library. Midshipmen are encouraged to obtain their own copy of the Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual and Test Guide, which will aid in studying the material and will be useful during IFS. An E6B flight computer and plotter and are also highly recommended and required for IFS. A sectional chart and A/FD will be provided during ground school.

Grading and Exams

All exams will be multiple-choice and will consist entirely of questions from the FAA test bank. Although the stage exams will be optional, it is highly encouraged that midshipmen complete the exams as IFS requires each stage exam to completed, recorded, and kept on file for inspection. You must receive at least an 80% on the final in order to pass the class and receive the endorsement to take the actual FAA written exam. This is the Navy's standard.


Validation of this course is possible. If midshipmen possess prior knowledge or have begun the flight training process and feel they can pass the final exam with an 80% or higher, a final exam can be offered at any point throughout the course. If a passing score is achieved, an FAA-approved endorsement will be written for the midshipman so he/she can attempt the government-administered test at an FAA-approved facility.

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