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Naval Academy Flying Squadron
Flight Team photo

Team members

Officer Representative: CDR Dave Hauth

Commanding Officer: 1/C Danny Bush

1/C  Matt Baugh
1/C Cooper Baas
1/C  Olivia Bair
1/C  Juan Suarez
1/C  Finn Ludwig
1/C  Erik Sabelstrom
1/C  Thaddeus Brown
1/C  Brrendan Odonoghue
1/C  Daniel Fulton
1/C  Connor Linnartz
1/C  Abby White
2/C Andrew Adcox
2/C  Benjamin George
2/C Caleb Hiller
2/C  Colin Kelly
2/C  Pearce Phinney
2/C  Rocky Carroll
2/C  Susan Johnson
3/C Michael Epperly
3/C Enrico Lentini
3/C Donny Lofe
3/C Matt Royce

The Flight Team is currently composed of 22 aviation-driven Midshipmen pilots at the U.S. Naval Academy. To be selected to the team, the Midshipmen are not required to hold a pilot certificate as there are many ground events and roles for crew members that can be filled with little-to-no flight experience.  Team members are fundamentally selected based on interviews and aviation qualification. Once a member of the team, new members join the rest of the team in preparation for the next flight competition.

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