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2017 One-Act Festival

The Masqueraders Present: The 2017 One-Act Play Festival

2017 One Acts

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Performance Dates and Times:

April 21st and 22nd at 7:30 PM

Performance Location:

Mahan Theater, United States Naval Academy

Ticket Prices:

$7 for the Public
$5 for Midshipmen


The 2017 Masqueraders One-Act Play Festival features seven individual one-act plays, all of which are entirely directed by and performed by midshipmen. Of those seven pieces, three are midshipman-written originals. A captivating blend of comedies, dramas, and contemporary pieces, this year’s play lineup features a dynamic group of casts using a minimal set design to emphasize the language of the plays. The show is comprised of the following list of plays, complete with directors and full casts:

  • End of Shift (written and directed by Hayden Burger) - Two brilliant detectives unravel a seemingly routine burglary that quickly deteriorates into a case of betrayal, smuggling, and murder, all through a dead security guard’s last words
    • Lightly: Justin Keck
    • Straight: Nicholas Hajek
    • Waters: Jon Mendez
    • Creeves: Aniz Taylor
    • Michaels: Aaron Lewis
    • Gashood: Mike Ware
    • Coroner: Madison Evans

  • Time Flies by David Ives (directed by Jess Miller) - A successful date means these two mayflies will live happily ever after, until they realize their entire lifespan is a mere 24 hours
    • Horace: Daniel Moriarty
    • May: Sarah Spain
    • Sir David: Jake Klosowski

  • Trophies (written and directed by Sarah Claudy) - Paul Falco is an easy man to hate. He is selfish, egotistical, and hates his wife. But is that really true, or is our information skewed because Paul’s wife - Melissa - is having an affair with the narrator?
    • Paul: Mike Ware
    • Melissa: Spencer McVeigh
    • Robert: Enrico Lentini
    • Jamie: Shenandoah Daigle

  • The King and Them (written and directed by Evan Wray) - A king proves to a knight that all of his orders are followed in order to get his servitude. Somehow the knight winds up dead and Shakespeare makes an appearance among others
    • King: Eli Vernon
    • Knight: Zach Lonsdale
    • Wilhelm: Will Paris
    • Shakespeare: Justin Keck
    • Peasant: Benedict Immanuel
    • Clive: Joshua Haith

  • Such Things Only Happen in Books by Thornton Wilder (directed by Nelson Chandler) - The usual boring nightly routine for John and his wife Gabrielle is abruptly broken with a visit from their local doctor, who is caring for their bed stricken maid, and a curious stranger interested in the history of their house
    • Gabrielle: Jessie Baynes
    • John: Cody Oliphant
    • Dr. Bumpas: Jon Mendez
    • Mr. Graham: Harrison Kubena

  • Mirror, Mirror by Bruce Kane (directed by Emma Carlson) - “Sleeping Beauty” gets a 90210 facelift as the jealous stepmother takes drastic action when she finds she’s been surpassed in the looks department by her stepdaughter in this contemporary spin-off of the fairy tale
    • Stepmother: Julia Kalshoven
    • Narrator: Nicholas Hajek
    • Mirror: Jelani Williams
    • Stepdaughter: Natalie Wender
    • Prince Charming: Jason Chan

  • Enigma by Floyd Dell (directed by Benedict Immanuel) - Two people have a domestic conversation about whether or not they should continue seeing each other, given the atrocities they’ve committed against each other
    • He (Paul): Evan Wray
    • She (Helen): Clara Navarro

Parking and Entering the U.S. Naval Academy:

  • Any military or DoD personnel with a valid military ID can drive directly onto the Academy grounds.  The closest parking to the theater is Alumni Hall parking lot.  There is limited parking in front of Mahan Hall.
  • For all other audiences, parking is available out in town.  The Bladen Street/Calvert Street Parking Garage by St. John's College is available for free parking.  GATE 3 of USNA (located at the end of Maryland Avenue) is open until 9PM to any visitor with a valid ID.  GATE 1 (located at the end of King George Street) is open until 1AM on weekends.  
  • Mahan Theater is located on Maryland Avenue, within USNA.  A tall clock tower graces the roof of the building.

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