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The First Colonel's Court Performance

Performance Dates and Times:

April 23rd and 24th at 3:00 PM, 2022

Performance Location:

Mahan Courtyard, United States Naval Academy


The Masqueraders present another round of Shakespeare on the Grass and inaugurated the Colonel's Courth with this performance of Hamlet.

The play tells the story of a young prince who discovers that his uncle killed his father  to take the throne of Denmark. Follow Hamlet on his journey toward revenge, as he navigates the court filled with questionable family, an ardent lover, officious courtiers, uncertain companions, and loyal friends. Can he kill his uncle and avenge his father or will he remain stuck in his grief? This production of Shakespeare's greatest play, not seen on the Yard since the '60s, uses aspects of the Bard's own theatrical era. There are no designers or directors, just a collaborative company of actors, pulling together all aspects of the show and performing in front of the beautiful Mahan Hall.

This performance was an extension of MIDN Ty Fuselier’s Independent Study on the performance of plays during Shakespeare’s time.
This means the Colonel's Court developed a series of staging practices:
  • A shortened rehearsal period
  • No director or designers [collaborative decision making]
  • A Company Name indicating our patron [the Colonel’s Court!]
  • Cue scripts for the actors [actors only had their speeches and not a full script]
Also, to further mimic Shakespeare’s practices, the performance also will used:
  • Universal lighting [the sun!]
  • A ¾ thrust stage [audience on three sides]
  • Doubling of characters [actors play more than one 
  • character]
  • 2 hours traffic with no intermission

Below is the Poster for the production:


The Cast of Hamlet on the steps of Mahan Hall:




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