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Sweat Banner


Performance Dates and Times:

November 11, 12 and 18, 19, 2022



Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize winning drama.

Check out the Reviews:

"intense and even performance" - Bay Weekly

"emotionally powerful" - DC Theater Arts, and listed as one of their "favorite community theatre productions in 2022"

Some Rehearsal Photos:

Sweat Set

The Set for Sweat in Mahan Auditorium

Sweat Rehearsal 1

MIDN Ty Fuselier, MIDN Lillian Kelly, MIDN Olivia Hunt, and MIDN Sofia Okorafor rehearse a scene from Sweat

Sweat Rehearsal 2

MIDN Andre Saiz, MIDN Ty Fuselier, MIDN Christian Landis, and MIDN Joel Thomas rehearse the final scene of the play.


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