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Spring 2023 Colonel's Court Production



The Masqueraders present another round of Shakespeare on the Grass with this year's performance of Macbeth.

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is the classic tale of ambition led to its darkest ends. Join the Colonel’s Court as they restage the tale with a re-gendered twist on this bloody and short tragedy. After returning from war, Macbeth, a Scottish warrior, and her best friend Banquo encounter a group of witches that prophesy great things to come for both, including Macbeth becoming king. At the instigation of her wife, Macbeth takes the nearest way by killing the current king. The quickest way, however, is not always the best, and the couple’s choices lead Scotland into chaos and ruin.


Photos from the Production

(courtesy of Austin Boucher)

Macbeth Daggers

Macbeth Lillian Kelley

MIDN Lillian Kelly as Macbeth

Macbeth Ending

MIDN Ty Fuselier as Macduff, with MIDN Rob Saunders, Joel Thomas, and Dakota Caton in the background

Fall 2004 Production

Synopsis: Two captains, returning victorious from war meet three witches with a tempting prophecy. One captain, Macbeth, will become king of Scotland; the other, Banquo, will father future Scottish kings. When Macbeth forces the transition from prophecy to reality by murdering his king, he sets in motion a bloody chain of repercussions.

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