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Mathematics Department

Basic Notions Seminar

Fall 2019

All talks are from 1200-1300 in the Conference or Seminar room, unless otherwise specified.

  • Sep
  • Introduction to Chemical Reaction Network Theory
    Nick Wood
    Location: CH351
    Time: 12:00 PM

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    Chemical Engineers, Chemists, and Biologists are often interested in the dynamics of chemical reactions. Given a system containing several chemical species, how are the concentrations of those species evolving over time due to chemical reactions? Often without knowing it, we write down these chemical reactions as a mathematical graph, with the reactants at the tail end of the arrow and the products on the head end of the arrow. This provides an easy way to represent a system of chemical reactions as a mathematical network. And so we can ask the question, Does the structure of a chemical reaction network tell us anything about the dynamics of that network? The surprising answer, in many cases, is yes. In this talk, we will discuss the field of Chemical Reaction Network Theory, which provides a mathematical framework for finding relationships between the structure of a chemical reaction network and its dynamics. One such relationship that we will explore is given by the Deficiency Zero Theorem, which states that a large class of networks (members of which can be readily determined by the structure alone) exhibit very dull dynamics.
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