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Mathematics Department
Students in lab


The Math department faculty conduct research in a broad range of disciplines. The department has also had several students complete undergraduate research under the Bowman Scholar and Trident Scholar programs.

Research Interests

  1. Algebra, Discrete Mathematics:
    Andre, Gaglione, Hanna, Hoffman, Joyner, Ksir, J. Lockhart, Loehr, Margulies, Melles, Lockhart, Michael, Moen, Nakos, Stout, Traves, Wakefield
  2. Topology:
    Hoffman, Munson, Nakos
  3. Analysis:
    Alevras, Baker, R. Lockhart, Melles, Medynets, Popovici, Price, Withers, Zarikian
  4. Applied Mathematics (PDEs, Numerical Analysis, Probability, Statistics, etc.):
    Buchanan, Garcia, Ionescu, Konkowski, Lee, Liakos, Lunasin, Malek-Madani, McCoy, Minut, Seal, Soane, Traves
  5. Statistics:
    McGuffey, Nguelifack, Nikolov, Ruth, VanDerwerken
  6. Operations Research:
    Andre, Gentry, Griffin, Hawks, Margulies, McGrath, Phillips, Uhan

Additional Documentation

Below are links to documentation midshipmen might find useful:

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