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Military Personnel
Military Personnel

Check-Out Procedures

Once permanent change of station orders are issued to an officer, PSD Norfolk will send the member via Officer Personnel a transfer packet to complete.

Officer Personnel will attach a copy of the Naval Academy Officer Check-out form (USNA DMB-1301/30) to the packet. This packet will ask the officer to list the desired last day of work, leave intentions, requested advance pay, if eligible, etc.; The packet must be endorsed by the member's supervisor then forwarded to Officer Personnel for the Personnel Officer's signature. Officer Personnel will then forward the packet to PSD Fort Meade.  The departing member should ensure all check-out actions on the Naval Academy form are complete before turning it in to Officer Personnel on his/her last day.

Checking-out on the last visit to Officer Personnel, the officer will then proceed to the Naval Medical Clinic to pick up medical records and finally to PSD to pick up the original orders.

If you would like some useful information about your next PCS duty station, you can get it from the Fleet and Family Support Center in Annapolis.

Members transferring to a new PCS duty station may receive Permissive TAD for residence hunting.

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