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Military Personnel
Military Personnel


Retirement request procedures and formats are contained in MILPERSMAN 1810-020.The retiring officer should forward the request to Officer Personnel, along with a smooth endorsement prepared by the Division, for the Chief of Staff to sign (see CORRESPONDENCE ).  That endorsement should make a recommended disposition on the request and address the need for contact relief.  Requests should be submitted 6-9 months before the Projected Rotation Date (PRD) if the desired retirement date matches the PRD.  Requests should be submitted 9-12 months before PRD if the requested retirement date is prior to the PRD.

After the request is approved by BUPERS and retirement orders are received the retiree should:

  1. Contact the Command Career Counselor to arrange an appointment to complete the Pre-separation Counseling Checklist (DD Form 2648).  This counseling is a prerequisite to scheduling the Transition Assistance Program at the Family Service Center.
  2. Schedule TAP class by FFSC at x2641.  Again, the DD Form 2648 must be signed by the Command Career Counselor in order to attend.
  3. Work on the retirement check-out sheet and visit Halligan Hall to discuss credit card issues.
  4. For "terminal" leave, these papers can be routed well in advance of the retirement date and should be in the Personnel Office several weeks before the beginning of terminal leave.
  5. Retirees are eligible for 20 days PERMISSIVE TEMPORARY DUTY FOR JOB/HOUSE HUNTING. The Personnel office will need a copy of the no-cost TAD orders to cover this time period.
  6. Contact PSD Fort Meade, 301-677-7773, to discuss retirement processing at least 3 months prior to start of terminal leave.
  7. Schedule a retirement physical through the Naval Medical Clinic 6-12 months before the retirement date.
  8. Schedule an appointment at PSD Fort Meade (301-677-7773) to begin the process of the DD214. This can be accomplished upon completion of the TAP class, the retirement physical, and the approval of terminal leave.
  9. Fitreps are not required upon retirement unless member is on terminal leave when Periodic FITREPS are due.
  10. If moving, visit the "smartmove" website.
  11. The Personnel Office will prepare two retirement certificates when they are received from the Bureau, one signed by the President and one signed by the CNP.
  12. Letters of Appreciation are available in the office for immediate family members.  Submit the correct spelling of the names, date of ceremony and length of service at least two months prior to ceremony date.   
  13. Contact the Special Events staff for information concerning ceremonies, etc.
    1. LT Austin Milke, 410-293-1541

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call x3-1558.

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