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Military Personnel
Military Personnel


Resignation request procedures and formats are contained in MILPERSMAN 1920-190 and 1920-200.  The separating officer should forward the request to Officer Personnel 9-12 months before the desired detachment month, along with a smooth endorsement prepared by the Division, for the Personnel Officer to sign by direction (see CORRESPONDENCE).   After the request is approved by BUPERS and separation orders are received, the resigning member should:

  1. Contact Officer Personnel at least 90 days before the resignation date to arrange an appointment to review the Pre-separation Counseling Checklist (DD Form 2648).  This counseling is most effective if it is scheduled before the member has attended the TAP GPS at the Family Service Center.
  2. Contact PSD, Forte Meade to discuss separation processing.
  3. Schedule a separation physical through the Naval Medical Clinic 6-12 months before the detachment date.

Refer to the CHECK-OUT section for more information about departure processing.

Voluntarily separating personnel are NOT eligible for Permissive Temporary Duty for job/house hunting.

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