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Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process

About the Strategic Plan

The Naval Academy Strategic Plan identifies current and future institutional requirements and solutions critical to USNA’s ability to fulfill its mission.  Frequently referred to as the Academy’s “road map” to the future, the plan was last updated in 2010 as the Naval Academy Strategic Plan 2020. In that plan USNA identified various strategic objectives vital to attaining our 2020 vision.  As USNA approaches a new decade, it is now appropriate for the Academy to resume our strategic assessment and planning process to create the updated strategic plan which will help guide USNA’s direction through 2030.

Beginning in June 2019, our strategic planning process will be a deliberate, 10-month effort involving representatives from many USNA departments. The planning committee will seek input from a variety of sources internal and external to USNA during assessment and in determining revised specific strategic objectives. Our goal is to present a completed plan in April 2020 to USNA senior leadership for consideration. Implementation of the Strategic Plan 2030 will begin immediately upon the Superintendent’s approval.

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