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Strategic Plan

Strategic Imperatives

These are our highest priority objectives that will enable us to remain faithful to the mission while achieving our vision.

Exemplary People

  •   1. Recruit, admit and graduate a diverse and talented Brigade of Midshipmen.


  •   2. Graduate officers whose attributes and educational and experiential preparation meet the Navy and Marine Corps’ current and future requirements. 


  •   3. Attract, develop, and retain faculty, staff and coaches who model the highest professional standards and who educate, enrich and inspire a diverse and talented Brigade. 


Integrated Programs

  •   4. Align all midshipmen’s moral, mental, and physical core experiences to prepare them for future service in any naval warfare community.


  •   5. Integrate ethical leadership and character development efforts across all academic, professional, athletic and extracurricular programs. 


  •   6. Leverage internal and external collaborations to engage midshipmen in relevant learning opportunities that develop the broad range of competencies required by the 21st century Naval Service.


Vibrant Enterprise

  •   7. Establish and maintain state-of-the-art facilities that inspire and support the pursuit of academic professional and athletic excellence.


  •   8. Apply exemplary business and assessment practices that ensure the sound stewardship of all resources and result in continual process and program improvement. 


Value-Added Outreach

  •  9. Develop strategic relationships with alumni, friends and national institutions of influence that contribute to the Naval Academy’s success and America’s security and prosperity.


  •   10. Maintain institutional flexibility and achieve a margin of excellence by working collaboratively with the Naval Academy Foundation to emphasize the strategic importance of unrestricted and restricted gifts and prudently steward these essential resources.

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