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Strategic Plan
Parade Group

Centers of Excellence

Our vision is built around six Centers of Excellence:

Academic Excellence

Foster an educational environment that supports and encourages midshipman learning and critical thinking. Employ appropriate teaching methods that address the variety of midshipman learning styles. Provide an outstanding civilian and military faculty and the necessary support resources to enable midshipmen to achieve academic success. Provide a stimulating environment that instills a passion for lifelong learning; imbue midshipmen with the intellectual curiosity and analytical rigor needed to be in the forefront of technological advances and global understanding in a rapidly changing and diverse world. Provide opportunities for faculty and staff to remain leaders in their respective disciplines and in the latest teaching methods.

Admissions Excellence

The Naval Academy must attract the best qualified young men and women wiling to accept the challenges of the naval services. It must attract a cohesive Brigade of Midshipmen that reflects the needs of the naval service and the diversity of the men and women they will lead.

Naval Heritage

Imbue an appreciation of and a respect for the selfless service and excellence that are the heritage of the naval services. Instill a personal commitment to uphold the traditions and standards of the Navy and Marine Corps.

Professional, Leadership and Moral Excellence

Prepare midshipmen for the opportunities of command and the challenges and realities of combat leadership. Imbue midshipmen with a profound respect for the Constitution and the importance of the chain of command. Promote an understanding of and demonstrate a commitment to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior. Inculcate the core values of honor, courage and commitment. Foster an environment that promotes mutual trust, loyalty and personal accountability in everything we do. Provide midshipmen with the professional skills necessary to be successful Navy and Marine Corps officers.

Athletics and Physical Excellence

Provide exemplary programs of athletic competition and physical challenge that foster decisive leadership, teamwork, character and a passion for “winning.” Promote lifelong physical fitness.

Quality of Life

Understand the traits and motivators for the generation of youth we are attracting to the Naval Academy. Provide programs and facilities that enrich the cultural, recreational and spiritual experience for the Naval Academy community.

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