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Commandant of Midshipmen

Dant's List

The Commandant's List is published at the beginning of each semester.
The list effective during the fall semester is based on grades earned during spring semester. Grades in the regular summer programs are included with the fall semester grades to determine the list effective during the spring semester.

Summer work that is reported as incomplete solely because of hospitalization will not disqualify the midshipman concerned for a Commandant's List for which they are otherwise qualified.

Courses taken in the summer academic remedial programs will not be included in the computation for the Commandant's List.

The criteria for the Commandant's List are as follows:

  • SQPR of at least 2.9
  • An A in Conduct
  • An A or B in Aptitude
  • An A or B in PE
  • An A or B on the PRT

Midshipmen on the Commandant's List will receive the following recognition:

  • Notation on Grade Report.
  • Privileges as the Commandant may direct.
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