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History Department
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Past Theses


  • Ricardo Herzog Balderas, "Ottoman Past and Arab Present: Continuity Through Former Ottoman Officers' Rise to Authority in British Mandate Iraq"
  • Finn Garner, "The Dulles Duo"


  • Maddie Angeli, "Just What the Doctor Ordered': Milton Eisenhower Reclaimed Inter-American Affairs and his 1953 Goodwill Tour"
  • Caroline Huber, "Christian Death: a Lens to Examine Change in 13th Century Iceland"
  • Harrison Jones, "Peacekeepers and Enforcers: Assessing Military Police in Occupied Japan"
  • Will Karakul, "Allies At Sea: Anglo-American Naval Relations, 1952"
  • Elliot McRoberts, "Assault Breaker: A Weapon for a War That Never Was"
  • Josh Walton, "The Science Advisor In National Strategy: Arctic Research In The International Geophysical Year"
  • Kendall Zotti, "The Forgotten Scottish Martys: The United Scotsmen and the Crisis of the 1790s"


  • Garrett Carlson, “The Military Role of Templars and Hospitallers in Outremer in the Events Leading up to And During the Third Crusade”
  • Ross Gilchriest, “The Intellectual Network of Dr. Oscar Levy”
  • Wyatt La Pointe, “Drugs And Democracy: Hesitation in Nixon’s Early International Narcotics Control Policy in Colombia, 1969-1975”
  • Patrick M. Leech, “War Without Fire: Henry V's Treatment of Civilians in His French Campaigns, 1415-1421”
  • Sean Noa, “Courting A Dictator: Thesis on US-Liberian Relations 1980-1985”
  • Kyle Pate, “The Preacher and the People: The Connection between Evangelical Preachers and Their Audiences”
  • Matt Robbins, “A Quest for Kurdish Independence within the realm of Power Politics”


  • Andrew D. Anderson, “The Loyal Scapegoat: Stratford Canning during the Menshikov Mission and the Origins Of The Crimean War”
  • Virginia J. Burger, “Joseph Brodsky: A Hot Flash of Understanding in Cold War Culture”
  • Jody C. Lamb, “The Catskills, 1865-1914: Nature, Leisure, and the Origins of the American Summer Vacation”
  • Shradha P. Patel, “Assyrians In Iraq: The Termination of the British Mandate”


  • Patrick Finley, “Reagan and Northern Ireland: Breaking Ground for American Involvement and Peace”
  • Peter Richardson McGee, “The French Victory in the Battle of the Chesapeake: The Emerging French Perspective”
  • Julius A. Melero, “General James Van Fleet and JUSMAPG during the Greek Civil War 1948-1949”
  • Tilghman H. McCabe, “The Politics of William Windham’s Military Reforms: In Relation to the Reforms of British Military Discipline”
Class of 2011 Honors Theses
Class of 2010 Honors Theses
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