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History Department

Typical Timeline of the Program

NOTE: The current Honors Committee Chairperson will provide the firm deadlines and timeline for each year’s program. Students should consult the Chair for the current schedule.

Summer before 2/C year: Honors Committee identifies qualified candidates
August-September 2/C year: Honors Committee holds an information session for all qualified candidates
Mid-September 2/C year: Applications due
Mid-October 2/C year: Notifications sent re: acceptance
November 2/C year: Students must inform Honors Committee about advisor selection and tentative topic
Spring 2/C year: Students take HH508 and HH512
March 2/C year: Thesis Proposals due to Honors Committee
Early-to-Mid April 2/C year: Thesis Proposal Defenses held; students submit research travel budget request
Summer before 1/C year: Students conduct and preferably complete thesis research
Beginning Fall 1/C year: Students submit update reports, orally or in writing as determined by the Honors Committee, to ensure adequate progress
Fall 1/C year: Students take HH507 and HH509
December 1/C year: Final Papers due
January 1/C year: Thesis Defenses held
March 1/C year: Final Revised Papers due for library binding; Honors Program Recognition and Awards Ceremony held
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