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History Department

Honors Program

General Description

The Honors Program in History offers students with above-average abilities and ambition an opportunity to pursue a more challenging curriculum and to earn an Honors degree.  Students who meet the CQPR requirements are invited to apply for admission to the program in April of their 3/C year.

Those admitted to the program will follow the normal history major, with the following exceptions: they will take an Honors Colloquium (HH508) and an Honors Thesis Readings course (HH512) in the spring semester of 2/C year; and they will take an Honors Senior Thesis course (HH509) in the fall semester of 1/C year. Honors students also choose a faculty member to serve as the advisor for their senior thesis. Students work individually with their advisors in HH512 and HH509. For course registration planning, students should note that HH508 replaces the regular senior seminar (HH400A & B).

 Click here for a sample Honors Class Matrix.

Requirements for Admission to the Program
  • 3.0 CQPR (with no Ds or Fs)
  • 3.5 CQPR in all History courses (maximum of 2 Cs)
  • 2.75 CQPR in Professional courses (with no Fs)
  • 2.5 CQPR in Conduct (with no Fs)
  • 2.0 CQPR in Physical Education (with no Fs)

Midshipmen admitted to the program must meet or exceed these standards in order to earn a degree in Honors.

The Honors Committee

In addition to working with a thesis advisor, students will also work with the members of the History Honors Committee, usually consisting of four faculty members. The Honors Committee will pose questions and issue guidance at two critical junctures: at the thesis proposal review in March of 2/C year and at the thesis defense in January of 1/C year.  While the thesis advisor provides the grades in the two senior thesis courses (HH512, HH509), the Honors Committee is responsible for determining whether a thesis is successful and for awarding the distinction of Honors. Students are welcome to contact any member of the Honors Committee at any time.

History Honors Committee Chairs

  • 2018: Associate Professor Sharika Crawford
  • 2019: Commander Mark Belson, USN
  • 2020: Associate Professor Don Wallace
  • 2021: Associate Professor Matthew Dziennik
  • (2022) Associate Professor Wayne Hsieh
  • (2023) Commander BJ Armstrong, USN

Honors Resources

History Honors Thesis Proposal Guideline

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