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History Department

Why Join Us?

Professional Opportunity

Teaching at the Naval Academy is much like teaching at other colleges and universities with some important advantages:

  1. Adherence to rigorous academic standards
  2. Extraordinarily diverse student body
    • The Navy and Marine Corps are committed to recruiting the country's best college-bound citizens to serve as future military officers. These women and men will lead similarly diverse teams of Sailors and Marines. To facilitate this mission, the Naval Academy welcomes midshipmen from every background. The diversity of our student body more accurately reflects the nation's population than many schools.

  3. Truly unique students
    • Every student comes to the Naval Academy to serve their country before self. This special commitment transforms these young men and women into goal-oriented, skilled, and responsible midshipmen whose motivation extends far beyond the classroom. Like all college students, midshipmen are personable and develop deep and enjoyable relationships with their professors and mentors.

  4. Tangible impact on the nation's future
    • Every Naval Academy graduate will lead Sailors and Marines and they will directly contribute to our overall national security. Your role as teacher and mentor directly influences their future development as leaders and ambassadors.

  5. Small classes: the average class size is no more than 20 students
    • We are a teaching school that prizes direct student-faculty interaction.

  6. Highly professional and collegial department
    • We take teaching seriously and work hard to support midshipmen learning and one another as professionals and as people.

  7. Support for research and scholarship
    • Internal funding for conference and research travel is available from several sources. We also have an active works-in-progress seminar to workshop articles and book chapters.

Access to the Excellent Research 

Naval Academy faculty need not travel far to delve deeply into some of the nation's richest libraries and archives. 

  1. Library of Congress

  2. The National Archives
  3. USNA's own Nimitz Library

  4. Academic Institutions

Proximity of Major Metropolises 

Annapolis offers the culinary, cultural, social, and economic benefits of proximity to two major cities: Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland!

Other metropolitan centers are similarly well within reach: Philadelphia is a two-hour drive from Annapolis, Richmond is less than three hours away, and New York City only takes four hours. And thanks to Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, the great New England cities of Boston, Providence, New Haven, and Hartford are similarly accessible, thus providing more opportunities for research and recreation!

Excellent for Families

Anne Arundel County offers its residents a superior quality of life with its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, rich heritage, diverse communities, remarkable schools, and ample employment opportunities. Further, the educational, cultural, and athletic programs for kids are great.

Civilian Faculty Benefits

Employment at the Naval Academy includes a competitive compensation package in addition to the benefits shared with federal government employees!

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