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Audiovisual Collections

Audiovisual Collections

Nimitz Library’s online and physical collections feature a wide variety of audiovisual material for its users. 

Searching for A/V material

Our online catalog lists all the a/v material we physically own and some, though not all, of the material in the online databases to which we subscribe. When searching the catalog, use the choices under the “Content Type” heading on the left side of the screen to narrow your search to just a/v material. Under the “Availability” heading, selecting “Held by the library” will restrict your search to just our physical collection, while “Available online” will do the same for online titles.

Online A/V databases

To fully explore the digital a/v material available you’ll need to visit each database individually and search for your topic or title. 

Another online resource available to all USNA personnel although not a part of Nimitz’s collections is the Navy MWR digital library.

Physical collection highlights

The a/v material we own is found on the ground deck of the library and includes:


  • Audiobooks: available both on disc and the Playaway system. Length of loan: 28 days with 1 renewal.
  • Ted Bogacz Memorial Music Collection: classical music CDs named in honor of a history faculty member who passed away in 1994. Length of loan: 7 days with 1 renewal.
  • Jazz Music Collection: purchased to meet the teaching needs of the history faculty, it includes some of the genre’s most important artists and songs. Length of loan: 7 days with 1 renewal.


    • Men of Annapolis: a 39-episode television drama about the lives and experiences of midshipmen originally aired in 1957-1958. These are copies from the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Wisconsin Center for Film and Theatre Archives made with the permission of MGM Studios. Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot make copies and the discs must remain on the Yard.  
    • Silent Service: an episodic television drama from 1957-1958 based on real events involving submarines during World War II. It was created and hosted by Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers (USNA class of 1927) who donated the films to the library.  Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot make copies and the discs must remain on the Yard.*
USNA film archives: a collection of 16mm films used for education, military training, and capturing USNA sporting events that were in poor condition as judged by Special Collections & Archives and the Multimedia Support Center. There are also some films produced by the academy and used for recruiting.*
  • USNA on film:  a collection of movies set at the academy or with plots involving midshipmen.

* These films have been cleaned, repaired, and transferred to disc from their original 16mm film format through the generous support of the USNA class of 1956.

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