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Nimitz Library offers a wide variety of services for our patrons.

For information about checking out books, including borrower eligibility and loan periods, see Checkout & Loan Policies. To renew or request an item, see Renewing and Requesting.

If a particular text is likely to see heavy use for a specific course, faculty can place it on reserve for a specific course, limiting loan periods and ensuring that it is more readily available for midshipmen in that class. Course Reserves will describe the process.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education identifies information literacy as an “essential skill” in an undergraduate general education. Our Information Literacy page describes information literacy and how we help midshipmen develop it at Nimitz Library and USNA.

While any of our reference librarians can help you with your research, each department at USNA has an assigned subject librarian, with deeper knowledge of the unique needs and resources of that discipline. Library Subject Specialists will help you find your department’s subject librarian.

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