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Office of the Registrar

USNA Diplomas

Diploma Information

Size:     10" x 14"
Diplomas are printed with the degree name, major(s) earned, and honors.
Concentration(s)/track(s) and minor(s) are NOT printed on the diplomas.

Graduation Honors
"with Distinction" - top 10% of graduates based on Overall Order of Merit
"with Merit" - graduates who earned a minimum of 75% of the total possible points used in determining Overall Order of Merit

Diploma frames are available for purchase from the Midshipmen Store.

Replacement Diploma Policy

USNA will reissue a replacement diploma for one that has been lost or damaged. Alumni are limited to 1 replacement and we cannot support requests for multiple copies of diplomas. Replacement diplomas will not be an exact duplicate of the original diploma. To request a replacement diploma, please follow these instructions:

1.     Either use our General Records release form, or send a signed statement with the following information

  • Alpha
  • Name at the time of graduation
  • Reason for the replacement diploma request: lost, damaged, Apostille, legal name change, etc.
  • Name as you would like it to appear on the diploma (if it differs from the name at graduation, you must provide legal documentation of the name change: court order, Social Security card, etc). We use the legal full name or initials for the first and/or middle name. We do not print diplomas using nicknames.
  • Graduation Date
  • Major(s) earned
  • Address of where to send the diploma, or indicate if you will pick it up. If you want to authorize someone else to pick it up for you, please include his or her full name.
  • Contact information (daytime phone and/or email)
  • Include one of the following statements:
    • "By signing below, I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct, and I authorize the United States Naval Academy to print a replacement diploma and mail it to the address indicated above."   --- OR ---
    • "By signing below, I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct, and I authorize the United States Naval Academy to print a replacement diploma, which I, or the authorized individual listed above, will pick up from the Registrar's Office." 
  • Sign and date the request below the authorization statement.

2.     Email a scanned copy of your signed, completed request to, fax to 410-293-2327, or mail to the address below:
         United States Naval Academy
         Office of the Registrar
         589 McNair Road
         Annapolis, MD 21402

Important Notice about Replacement Diplomas (effective 01 November 2015):
Graduation Dates: May 22, 1998 to present
     Replacement Diplomas will include the signatures of the Superintendent and Academic Dean in the position at the time of graduation.

Graduation Dates: Prior to May 22, 1998
      Replacement Diplomas will include the signatures of the current Superintendent and Academic Dean at the time of the request.
      A reissue date will be printed at the bottom of the document.

Most requests are processed and mailed out within 2-4 business days. We mail the diplomas via USPS in rigid cardboard "photo mailer" envelopes to help protect the documents from bending. If you require expedited delivery services, you must provide pre-paid, pre-printed labels to go on the 11x14" mailers. Or, if you send an express mailing envelope, make sure it will fit a 10x14" document and protect it from bending (or indicate that folding the document is ok to fit in the provided mailer).

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