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Office of the Registrar

In addition to Academic Records, the following documents "may" be available from the Registrar's Office:

  • Oath of Office (from I-Day)
  • Agreement to Serve (from I-Day)
  • DD214 (NAPS, only available from USNA Registrar if you also attended USNA as a midshipman)
  • DD214 (for non-Grads only)*

*USNA does not issue DD214s to midshipmen who graduate and commission.

To request one, or more, of the above documents, please download and complete the form below and email it to

Form Download:

NOTE: The USNA Registrar's Office can only provide the documents listed above. Although the General Release form linked below has other record options listed, those documents are not available from this office. NAPS transcripts and personnel files must be requested from NAPS. For Admissions Files, you must submit a Privacy Act Request to the Privacy Act Coordinator, instructions are available on their website:

General Record Release
If you receive a "Please wait" message when opening the document, please download the form to your computer and open it using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (it will not work if you open it with the PDF viewers in a web browser, it must be opened using the Adobe software), and then click on the Enable All Features (if that message appears).

If you are unable to open the fillable release form, you can print the form below, complete and sign the document, then scan (or take a clear picture) and email it back to us at
      General Records Release (Static version)

In box 11, check the "Other/Specific Record" box and then indicate in box 12 which documents you need.

IMPORTANT: We are unable to email any documents that contain sensitive PII (SSN, DoB, etc), so please include a mailing address if you are requesting a DD214.

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