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Trident Scholar Program
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2018 Trident Scholars

MIDN 1/C DAKOTA J. ALLEN (1st Company)

Major: Nuclear Engineering 
Advisor: CDR Stuart R. Blair, Mechanical Engineering Department
Advisor: Professor Martin E. Nelson (ret.), Mechanical Engineering Department
Advisor: Assistant Professor Marshall G. Millett, Mechanical Engineering Department
Title: Evaluation of Non-Oxide Fuel for Fission-based Nuclear Reactors on Spacecraft

MIDN 1/C JOHN J. BROUGH (28th Company)
Major: Chemistry
Advisor: Associate Professor Daniel P. Morse, Chemistry Department
Advisor: Assistant Professor Elizabeth J. McGuffey, Mathematics Department
External Collaborator: Dr. Paul S. Kruszka, MD, MPH; Captain, USPHS; National Human Genome Research Institute
Title: Assessment of Genetic Screening in the Military

Ψ MIDN 1/C CARTER B. BURN (9th Company)
Major: Computer Science
Advisor: Professor Frederick Crabbe, Computer Science Department
External Collaborator: Associate Professor Rebecca Hwa, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Human Aided Reinforcement Learning in Complex Environments

Major: Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Associate Professor David S. Miklosovic, Aerospace Engineering Department
Title: Assessing the Transient Gust Response of a Representative Ship Airwake using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

MIDN 1/C CASEY R. DENSMORE (27th Company)
Major: Oceanography (Honors)
Advisor: Professor Bradford S. Barrett, Oceanography Department
Advisor: CAPT Elizabeth R. Sanabia, Oceanography Department
External Collaborator: Assistant Professor Pallav Ray, Florida Institute of Technology
Title: Exploring the Propagation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) across the Maritime Continent

MIDN 1/C BENJAMIN R. DUNPHY (19th Company)
Major: Physics 
Advisor: Associate Professor Elena Cimpoiasu, Physics Department
External Collaborator: Dr. Brian Bennett, Office of Naval Research
Title: Magnetotransport Properties of Shallow Quantum Well Structures for Spintronic Application

MIDN 1/C JOHN J. GAINER (6th Company)
 Systems Engineering (Honors)
 Assistant Professor Levi D. DeVries, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
Advisor: Assistant Professor Michael M.D. Kutzer, Weapons and Systems Engineering Department
Title: Persistent Target Detection and Tracking by an Autonomous Swarm

MIDN 1/C GREGORY E. HYER (18th Company)
Major: Physics (Astrophysics)
Associate Professor Christopher W. Morgan, Physics Department
Advisor: Associate Professor Jeffrey A. Larsen, Physics Department
External Collaborator: Professor Frederic Courbin, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Title: A Microlensing Analysis of the Central Engine in the Lensed Quasar WFI J2033-4723

MIDN 1/C CARL C. KOLON (20th Company)
Major: Mathematics (Honors)
Advisor: Assistant Professor Kostya Medynets, Mathematics Department
Title: Stability of Nonlinear Swarms on Flat and Curved Surfaces

MIDN 1/C DAVID J. LIEDTKA (22th Company)
 Computer Science/Information Technology
Advisor: Professor Luke K. McDowell, Computer Science Department
Title: Prediction of Regional Voting Outcomes Using Heterogeneous Collective Regression

Computer Science
Professor Christopher W. Brown, Computer Science Department
Title: Creating a Fast SMT Solver for the Theory of Real Non-Linear Constraints

MIDN 1/C MICHAEL D. WALKER (14th Company)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Professor Jim S. Cowart, Mechanical Engineering Department
Advisor: CAPT (Ret.) Leonard J. Hamilton, Mechanical Engineering Department
Title: A Partially Premixed Combustion Application for Power Improvement in Military Diesel Engines

MIDN 1/C MICHAEL J. WALLACE (12th Company)
Operations Research (Honors)
CAPT David M. Ruth, Mathematics Department
Title: Innovations to Increase the Power of State-of-the-Art Graph-Theoretic Two-Sample Statistical Tests

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