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Academic Scheduling

Resolving Registration Conflicts


Go to MIDS, GENERAL ACADEMICS - Schedules - Query Potential Mid Schedules (Remember, this is a planning program only. Changes here do NOT affect actual preregistration or registration.)

Enter the alpha code, semester, and year and click on the SUBMIT button. If a schedule or schedules are generated, there is NO CONFLICT and the midshipman will be able to go into the Registration Module when it opens.

If no schedules are generated, the midshipman has a HARD CONFLICT and can not get a schedule because 2 or more courses preregistered for meet during the same period. These courses may include PE or blocked periods. You can click on the green BACK ARROW and relook at the courses. There are 5 boxes on the screen. You can only make changes in the upper left hand box, upper center box and the box on the right. The changes you will make will appear in the bottom left hand box and bottom center box. It is important to remember to hold down the Ctrl Key when clicking on the courses to change anything in the boxes.

Try dropping the PE and adding a different PE (classes with optional PEs only) then clicking on the Find Schedules button. If a schedule is generated, this is one solution to your hard conflict. If it doesn't generate a schedule, you will next need to look at your electives one at a time using the same process. If you have blocked periods, you can try reducing the blocked periods to a MWF or a TR. The available blocks include: MTWRF6, MWF6, TR6, MTWRF1, and MWF1.

Once you have found a schedule that works, you need to see if any of the sections are in the color red. (This will happen only once Registration has begun). This indicates that the section has reached its maximum and is not an available option. If all of the schedules have a required section in red, the midshipman will need to get that Department Chair's Approval to get into that particular section.


Once you have a plan that works with changes, go to MIDS - GENERAL ACADEMICS - Offered Courses and Sections - Query.

Find the courses you wish to add and compare the Total Number Preregistered against the Course Capacity. If there are still seats available, go to the sections at the bottom of the page and compare the Total Number Enrolled against the Section Capacity of the meeting time you require.


The advisor and midshipman should concur on the resolution and complete a MIDREC Card dropping and adding the courses you have determined. The midshipman should bring the MIDREC Card to the Academic Scheduling Office to complete his/her preregistration.

NOTE: To change a PE or drop or reduce a blocked period, the midshipman does NOT need to see an advisor. All the midshipman needs to do is come to the Academic Scheduling Office to have the desired course removed or reduce a blocker or add a PE4XX elective.


Go back to STEP 1 to insure the changes you have approved can get a schedule. The midshipman should select the schedule they like the most and copy down the sections for entry into the Registration Module when it opens. Recommend that the midshipman have 3 schedules in priority available in case first schedule doesn't work due to full sections.

If steps 1-4 can be accomplished with a workable schedule before Registration begins, the midshipman will have fewer problems with sections filling up while still trying to get preregistration straightened out.

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