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Academic Scheduling

Registration Information for Midshipmen


Check that you have PRE registered correctly.  Use the MIDS modules:

Matrices - Query Current Midshipmen and Matrices - Query Major Requirements

Check to see if you are on track with your major: enough courses, enough hours, prerequisites met, no deficiencies, etc. Check the Course Catalog at the Academic Dean's website, including the descriptions of the new and special courses available via the "Fall" or "Spring" button near the bottom of that webpage.  If you are not sure about your preregistration, then contact your academic adviser ASAP.

You cannot change your list of preregistered courses when you go online to register.


About 2 to 3 weeks before you go online to register, make sure there will be viable schedules.  Once departments have entered section data for courses, check out your schedule options with the MIDS module Schedules - Query Potential Mid Schedules.  Enter Alpha number, click "Submit", and click "Find Schedules".  (Click the "Help" button to get an overview of how this module works; remember that a Ctrl-click on a course in the OFFERED COURSES or LOCKED SECTIONS boxes inserts and deletes the course from the list below the box.)

At this point, there are two possibilities.

  1. One or more schedules appear.  Use these schedules to select a desired schedule to request when registering.
  2. A "hard conflict" means there are no possible schedules among all of the offered sections of those courses chosen.  "Test registrations" will be run just before Registration to try to minimize hard conflicts, but without guarantees.  Either on your own or with the aid of your academic adviser, check alternative lists of courses with this module.  Once a viable schedule is found, have your adviser contact Academic Scheduling ( to change your preregistration before you register.  Remember: You cannot change your list of preregistered courses when you are registering.


Register before the first run of the scheduling software.  You have over 24 hours from when you can begin the registration process until schedules are first generated for your class.  Typically, several midshipmen in this first set of schedule requests will end up with no schedule due to "soft conflicts" - needed sections have already been filled up by other midshipmen.  The scheduling software includes randomizing the order in which schedules are generated along with constraints on section imbalances, so there is no way to determine beforehand which midshipmen will end up with soft conflicts.

If schedules have been generated for your class after you submitted your requests for scheduling and you do not see a schedule in MIDS, check MIDS module Schedules--Query Potential Mid Schedules to see if you have a "soft conflict" and to investigate other options.  Work with your academic adviser to find solutions to your scheduling problems.  Your adviser can submit an electronic MIDREC to request a change of courses in order to achieve a workable schedule for you.


The registration process does not guarantee section preference and your schedule may change prior to the start of the fall semester as the Academic Schedulers resolve scheduling conflicts for other midshipmen. Changes of section for convenience or to select a particular instructor are not allowed. Requests will be considered if you are scheduled in a section with an instructor you had previously. Midshipmen should complete a Section Change Request form and acquire the approval of the Chair of the department offering the course. Then deliver the completed, signed form to an Academic Scheduler in the Registrar's Office for review, final approval, and processing.
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