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Academic Scheduling

Pre-Registration Information

Fall Semester

Early Feb 1/C & 2/C; Late Mar 3/C; Early Jul 4/C

Spring Semester

Mid Sept

Preregistration is a requirement, not a preference, and ALL midshipmen must preregister within the timeline stated. Failure to preregister on time may result in a conduct offense for the Midshipman. Prior to preregistration, Midshipmen must meet with their advisors to ensure they preregister for the correct courses. In accordance with ACDEANINST 1531.59, paragraph 12, a:

"If a midshipman fails to preregister on time, the ADAA may deny registration privileges to that midshipman and, instead register that midshipman directly without regard to the midshipman's preferences. Failure to preregister will result in a midshipman having no classes for the following semester."

Preregistration begins with the Senior class inputting their course preferences followed by the 2nd, 3rd and finally 4th class in sequence. Preregistration start and end dates are dictated by the ADAA and are input by the Academic Scheduling Office. The dates are set to allow one class a period of two days on the system without competition from subordinate classes. This will keep from overloading the network.

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