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Academic Scheduling

MIDREC Submission by Email

The MIDREC submission by email is meant for simple changes. When the email arrives at the Academic Scheduling Office, the changes will be made and a reply to all those on the submitted email (Advisor and midshipman minimum). The Academic Scheduling Office will retain a copy of the email. For changes requiring signatures or special considerations, the paper MIDREC must be used.

The midshipman and Advisor have the responsibility of ensuring there are seats available for the course(s) being added, which can be checked using MIDS - General Academics - Offered Courses and Sections Query. Compare the Total Number Preregistered against the Course Capacity for Preregistration. For Registration, check both against the Section Capacity of the section in question.

All of the requirements instructed in ACDEANINST 1531.59B are applicable to include during registration the statement "This change will have no adverse effect on requirements for graduation for this 1st Classman."

The Email should be sent to Academic Scheduling only ( with a copy to the midshipman concerned on the changes you are making to his/her courses.

The Email subject line should read "MIDREC LAST FIRST MI ALPHA".

The message should be simple on what changes you wish to occur.

Drop XXaaaa

Add XXaaaa

Notes, explanations, etc can be annotated at the bottom part of the email.

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