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Academic Scheduling

Final Examination Information

Each semester, the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs announces when the Final Exam Schedule is available.
The Final Exam Schedule is published in the MIDS system.

Please use the following modules to access final exam scheduling information:

  • Final Exams - Query Course Schedule
  • Final Exams - Query Midshipmen Schedule

Midshipmen with 3 (or more) consecutive final exams:

  • If any of the consecutive final exams have an existing alternate exam scheduled, the course instructor and department chair can approve a midshipman's request to take the alternate instead of the primary exam.
  • If none of the consecutive final exams have an alternate, a midshipman can submit a request to the ADAA to create an alternate exam for one of the courses.

    Complete information is available in the Academic Dean Notice on Final Examination Schedule and Exceptions.
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