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Academic Scheduling
Midshipmen in  Parade Formation

MIDREC Requirements and Instructions

The MIDREC should be initiated by the Academic Advisor or substitute Advisor within the midshipman's major's department when any change to the midshipman's academic program is requested.

The MIDREC is used to Approval Required
1. Change Majors ADAA
2. Drop Course(s) Advisor
ADAA if after deadline for dropping a course.
3. Add Course(s)

Department Chair if Overmax
ADAA if after the 14th calendar day of the semester

4. Change Section(s) Department Chair
5. Change Advisor Senior Advisor

The blocks on the MIDREC Card relevant to the Transaction must be completed:

1. FROM (Print the department and advisor's name initiating the MIDREC.)
2. MIDSHIPMAN NAME (Print Last, First MI of the midshipman.)
3. ID NUMBER (Midshipman's Alpha number.)
4. Write in all required changes, plus remarks as necessary.  Initial and date.

When more than one transaction is being done on a single card, use the remarks section to explain all of the required changes.

FP420 FP314, 3001 See Note 1
HH462A HH462B, 5011 See Note 1
Change from EM318, 6001 to EM318, 5001 See Note 2

Note 1: If adding a course causes the section or course to go over the maximum, approval of the Department Chair is required.

Note 2: Signature/Initials of Department Chair or authorized representative is required for all section changes

Note 3: When dropping a course after registration, the Advisor must annotate in the remarks that the midshipman will not fall behind his/her matrix and in the case of First Classmen, the effect the change will have on the scheduled graduation must be addressed.

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