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History Department

Episodes produced and hosted by midshipmen that cover a wide range of historical topics -  including student life in Annapolis down through the generations.

Three Midshipmen each relate the remarkable story of one of their ancestors, who served in either World War II, the Korean War, or in Vietnam

Two midshipmen interview Dr. Lee Pennington on the life and career of Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Saito, in whose honor his family bequeathed the remarkable Pagoda Monument, standing today near Luce Hall.

Four midshipmen discuss the controversies surrounding John Brown's 1859 raid on Harper's Ferry, a key event leading to the Civil War. They also interview Dr. Kellie Carter Jackson, author of  Force and Freedom: Black Abolitionists and the Politics of Violence  (2019).

Two midshipmen interview Dr. Craig Symonds, Professor Emeritus of the USNA History Department, regarding his remarkable career as an author and teacher, and his perspectives on how student life in Annapolis has changed since the 1970s.

Admiral William Daniel Leahy has not garnered the same fame as other admirals and generals of World War II, yet he played a critical role in shaping American strategies to defeat the Axis powers. Midshipmen Nathan Scherry and Sebastian Scherry collaborated to produce this short documentary to address Admiral Leahy's enormous contribution to American efforts in the 1940s to defeat Fascism.

Two midshipmen interview Dr. Rae Jean Goodman, Professor Emeritus of the Academy's Economics Department, to discuss her perspective on evolving Brigade culture after female midshipmen were inducted in 1976 as well as her innovative efforts to further educate and support her peers through "Teaching Portfolios."

Midshipman Alexander Turner interviews Dr. Lawson Brigham about the challenges of commanding Coast Guard vessels in polar waters, recent innovations in ice breaking technologies, and the commercial potentials of the Arctic Sea.

Two midshipmen interview Dr. Stephen Wrage, of the Academy's Political Science Department, regarding his views on academic freedom, and the apolitical nature of the US military. In addition, Dr. Wrage shares some remarkable personal experiences gained while teaching in Annapolis, Singapore, and Greece.

Two midshipmen interview Lieutenant General John Wissler, currently the Distinguished Chair of Leadership at the Naval Academy's Stockdale Center, regarding lessons in ethical leadership he learned both as a student at the Naval Academy in the 1970s, and in a long and distinguished career as a Marine Corps officer.

Four midshipmen discuss the social and economic impacts of the Industrial Revolution.

Three midshipmen interview Vice Admiral Sean Buck, Superintendent of the US Naval Academy, who reflects upon the lessons and experiences he acquired as a student in Annapolis, and during his long and distinguished service in the fleet. In addition, Superintendent Buck discusses the impact of the Covid pandemic upon the unique mission and culture of the Academy.

Four midshipmen discuss the remarkable innovations in Western military technology that took place during World War I.

Three midshipmen interview the Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Carlos Del Toro, about his memories of the Naval Academy, as well as lessons in leadership he has learned during his long and distinguished naval career.

Midshipmen Hassen, Henderson, Ostrowski, White, and Williams discuss French struggles for and against democracy, from the Revolution through the Second Empire of the 1870s.

An interview of Sharon and Tim Disher, who recall the struggles faced by some of the first female midshipmen attending the Naval Academy in the 1970s.

Three midshipmen interview professors Lori Bogle and Tom McCarthy about the ecological disaster known as the Dust Bowl, how its effects strained the fabric of American social life, and how families overcame these challenges.

Three midshipmen interview Professors Charles Nolan and Brian VanDeMark about how the culture of the Naval Academy has changed since the 1980s.

[Producer's Note: Though chronologically the second release, this represents our midshipmen podcast team's very first attempt at producing an entire episode independently. The bumps and scrapes heard in some sections of the audio stem from a minor technical oversight that, unfortunately, cannot be corrected in post-production. We ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience.]

Three midshipmen interview Captain Ric Johns (ret.) about his remarkable memories of student life at the Naval Academy in the 1970s.

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