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History Department

Our Mission

Naval Academy History Productions is a cooperative endeavor dedicated to making the past come alive.
Through interviews, stories and debates we gain essential insights into the human condition. As the
world becomes less mysterious we seek to better understand the meaning of such words as freedom, purpose,
and commitment.

About Us

The people responsible for Naval Academy History Productions are a mix of students, civilian professors,
and military officers who share a deep respect for and appreciation of history as a means by which to
understand the world, and our place in it.


Meet the Naval Academy History Productions Team


Assoc. Prof. Thomas Burgess
Editor-in-Chief, NAHP
Director, Scholars by the Sea
Director, Tell Me Another


Dr. Richard Abels
Professor Emeritus, USNA
Affiliate Podcast Producer
Host, "'Tis But a Scratch!"


Dr. Abby Mullen
Assistant Professor, USNA
Affiliate Podcast Producer
Host, "Consolation Prize"


LCDR Colin Morrissey, USN
Producer, NAHP
Webmaster, NAHP


Maj Jared Dalton, USMC
Editor, History Dept Newsletter
Manager, Social Media


 Meet the Midshipmen!


Peter Shaner

midshipman headshot

Gabby Haag

midshipman headshot

Harrison Kampling

midshipman headshot

Gavin Milligan


Calvin Tran 



Wyatt Smith 

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