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Lactation Room Instruction


Welcome to the Nimitz Library lactation room. We’re trying our best to make this a helpful space for lactating parents, but we might not get it right the first time. Please send suggestions to improve this space to Catherine Johnson (, Associate Library Director for User Services.

Using the Room

The room is locked and a key can be picked up at the library checkout desk. The room is available first-come, first-served except when it is reserved. Please be sure to check the calendar before using the room, reservations are not monitored by library staff but should be honored by those who use the room. In a pinch, library staff may be able to check the calendar. The calendar must be used through your USNA Google Calendar.

To add/view the calendar:
  1. Click the + next to “Other Calendars”
  2. Choose “Browse Resources”
  3. Select “Nimitz Library Lactation Room” from the list of resource
  4. Use the ← to return to your list of resources
To reserve the Nimitz Library Lactation Room:
  1. Select the time you want to reserve on your own Google Calendar
  2. Name your appointment whatever you’d like (it will appear as “busy” on the shared calendar)
  3. When making your appointment, select “Rooms” and choose “Nimitz Library Lactation Room”
    1. If “Nimitz Library Lactation Room” doesn’t appear as a reservable room, it is because it is already reserved for all or part of your requested reservation time. Adjust your time and try again.
  4. Use the ← to return to your calendar appointment
  5. Select save
  6. Your appointment will appear on the Nimitz Library Lactation Room calendar


The room is equipped with a chair, small table, outlet, sink, and refrigerator. There are also some basic supplies donated by parents who no longer need them. Please help yourself to any supplies you need. If you’d like to contribute something to the room, feel free. Supplies that go unused for long periods of time will be removed from the room.

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