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Nimitz Library

Rules for the Use of Materials


The Special Collections & Archives Department is open to midshipmen, faculty, and staff of the United States Naval Academy, retired faculty and staff of the Naval Academy, employees of other Federal agencies, and other qualified researchers who have received permission to use the collections.  Researchers may have access to the Department's holdings upon completion of a registration form. 

  • Registration requires a driver’s license or other form of photographic identification.  Midshipmen must provide company and alpha numbers.
  • By signing the registration form, the researcher acknowledges having read and understood the rules for the use of materials, and agrees to abide by them completely.
  • By completing the registration process, the researcher further acknowledges that failure to comply with the rules for use of materials may result in denial of continued access to Special Collections & Archives.    

Protection of the Collections

It is the responsibility of the researcher to assist in the preservation of materials in Special Collections & Archives by handling them with appropriate care.  The following rules are intended to protect and preserve the documents to insure that the information they contain is available for the next researcher.

  1. All outerwear, briefcases, folders, etc. not essential to work must be stored in the coat closet to the left of the reading room’s entrance.
  2. Only pencils are to be used when working with materials—no pens, please.  Pencils may be obtained in the reading room.
  3. All records should be used with the greatest possible care.  No marks may be added to or erased from any document.
  4. Materials must lie flat on the table.  They are not to be placed in the lap or propped against the edge of the table.  Book supports may be used where appropriate.
  5. No object may be laid on top of any document.  Note paper and note cards must be used on the table-top next to the items.  Care should be used in turning pages so they will not be torn or otherwise damaged.  Loose sheets and bound pages should be handled gently and by their edges to prevent soiling the surface of the paper.
  6. The existing order and arrangement of all materials must be maintained.  Please report to the staff any errors in filing or labeling.
  7. Researchers will be asked to use microfilm or other reproductions where such editions exist.
  8. Researchers are responsible for returning all records before departure.  No materials may be removed from the reading room or transferred to another researcher.


It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure written permission to publish, reprint, or reproduce material from Special Collections & Archives.  The researcher assumes responsibility for infringement of copyright or literary or publication rights.  In any published work, proper acknowledgement must be given to the Special Collections & Archives Department, Nimitz Library, United States Naval Academy .

Thank you for helping us preserve our rare materials.

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