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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

The Honors Program

The honors program is an opportunity for upper-class midshipmen to carry out a major research project under the direct supervision of a faculty member.  As an honors candidate, midshipmen are responsible to their faculty advisor who guides the design, research, and analysis of the subject of interest.  The student's major codes switches from 'ENM' to 'ENMH' or 'EOE' to 'EOEH,' and their diploma indicates a Bachelor of Science "with Honors."

fiberglass boat


  • CQPR of 3.0 or above
  • Major QPR (ENM or EOE) of 3.5 of above
  • No 'D' or 'F' final grade in any course


Early Spring Semester, 2/c Year: Students meeting the criteria for Honors will be invited to apply by their Program Director

Prior to Pre-registration Fall Semester, 1/c Year: Students wishing to apply will submit an EN495/496 research proposal

Further Information

A midshipman's academic advisor or Program Director are the primary points of contact to discuss pursuing honors.  The MIDS program online offers matrices of required courses for the honors majors (ENMH and EOEH).  The NAOE Research website highlights previous and ongoing research.  Further information may be found at:


ENM / EOE Majors Honors Program Summary

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