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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

Student Resources

NA&OE students are active in numerous varsity and club sports, extracurricular activities and more. NA&OE students also often participate in service academy exchanges, VGEP & IGEP graduate education programs, foreign language minor programs, independent research and Trident Scholar programs. Many NA&OE students also hold leadership positions within the Brigade.

Upon graduation, NA&OE students are eligible to enter nearly any Navy or Marine Corps community.  A few years after commissioning, they can even lateral transfer to exclusive technical communities, such as the Engineering Duty Officer (EDO) and Civil Engineer Corp (CEC).  Many military faculty are in these Staff Corp communities.  If you would like more information, please ask.

Semester Study Abroad

Great news!  If NA&OE students are interested in studying a semester abroad, University of New South Wales, Australia is an option.  They host a similar program, where NA&OE students can complete upper-level major requirements and electives.  Other international universities have successfully placed students, as well.  Please discuss early with your Academic Adviser, if you are interested in this opportunity.  The subject matter expert for detailed questions is the Study Abroad Coordinator in the International Programs Office.

A rough timeline of study abroad planning and approval is as follows.

  • Aug/Sep (3/c year): Discuss with Academic Adviser and submit application
  • Sep: Recommendations from Academic Adviser and Chain of Command
  • Oct: Interviews and department decisions
  • Nov: Approval by Academic Dean and Commandant
  • Nov (prior to Thanksgiving): Selected midshipmen notified to procure official passport
  • Dec: Select Fall or Spring semester abroad; enroll in FL481A for pre-departure planning
  • Jan: Academic and program planning with Academic Adviser
  • 2/c Fall or Spring: Study Abroad


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