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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering


USNA Course Catalog is available at:

The following are the courses offered by the NA&OE department with links to individual course pages.

200-Level (typically 3rd class or sophomore year)

Subject Title Credits
EN221 Engineering Mechanics with Marine Applications I 3-2-4
EN222 Engineering Mechanics with Marine Applications II 3-2-4
EN245 Principles of Ocean Engineering Systems 
EN247 Principles of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering 2-2-3
EN275 Ocean Measurement and Analysis 3-0-3

300-Level (typically 2nd class or junior year)

Subject Title Credits
EN330 Probability and Statistics with Ocean Applications  3-0-3
EN342 Ship Hydrostatics and Stability 3-2-4
EN350 Marine Engineering Systems 2-2-3
EN353 Resistance and Propulsion  3-2-4
EN358 Ship Structures 3-2-4
EN380 Naval Material Science and Engineering 3-0-3

400-Level (typically 1st class or senior year)

Subject Title Credits
EN400 Principles of Ship Performance 3-2-4
EN401 Engineering in the Littoral Zone 3-2-4
EN411 Ocean Environmental Engineering I 2-2-3
EN412 Ocean Environmental Engineering II 3-0-3
EN420 Coastal Engineering 2-2-3
EN426 Port and Harbor Engineering 3-0-3
EN430 Underwater Work Systems 2-2-3
EN440 Design of Foundations for Ocean Structures 3-0-3
EN441 Ocean Engineering Structures I
EN442 Ocean Engineering Structures II 2-2-3
EN445 Marine Fabrication Methods 2-2-3
EN447 Autonomous Vessel Design 2-2-3
EN448 Autonomous Vessel Fabrication & Evaluation 1-4-3
EN450 Engineering Economic Analysis 3-0-3
EN452 Structural Reliability 3-0-3
EN454 Project Management for Ocean Engineers 3-0-3
EN455 Seakeeping and Maneuvering 2-2-3
EN456 Advanced Methods in Ship Design 3-0-3
EN457 Hydrofoil & Propeller Design 3-0-3
EN458 Advanced Marine Vehicles 2-2-3
EN461 Ocean Systems Engineering Design I 3-0-3
EN462 Ocean Systems Engineering Design II 1-4-3
EN470 Life Support Systems 3-0-3
EN471 Ship Design I 2-2-3
EN475 Ocean Engineering Mechanics 3-2-4
EN476 Ship Design II 0-6-3
EN478 Submarine and Submersible Design 3-0-3
EN485A Offshore Platforms 3-0-3
EN49X Independent Research in Naval Engineering 0-6-3

500-Level (honors research)

Subject Title Credits
EN503H Honors Senior Thesis 1 0-6-3
EN504H Honors Senior Thesis 2 0-6-3
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