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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN411: Ocean Environmental Engineering I

Catalog Description

EN411 Ocean Environmental Engineering I (2-2-3).

This course is designed to introduce basic principles and current issues in environmental engineering as applied to the marine environment. Topical coverage includes chemical and biological considerations in water quality, diffusion and dispersion in estuaries and oceanic environments, engineering methods used to analyze and mitigate the effects of marine pollution, and environmental ethics and regulatory statutes. [fall]


Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science, 3 rd edition by Gilbert M. Masters and Wendell P. Ela, 2007


  1. Conservation of mass and energy and the how the concepts apply to the investigation of marine/water pollution issues.
  2. Environmental chemistry and its importance in the investigation of marine/water pollution issues.
  3. How humans “fit” in the hydrological cycle and affect water resources including the causes and sources of marine/water pollution.
  4. Water and wastewater treatment technologies.
  5. Fate and transport of pollutants in groundwater and surface water.
  6. Environmental issues; incorporating the knowledge of science/engineering, law, economics and ethics.


Prerequisite(s): 1/C engineering major or approval of department chair.

Class Topics

  1. Environmental Issues and Current Topics
  2. Conservation of Mass and Energy in Environmental Processes
  3. Environmental Chemistry and Chemical Equilibria; the Carbonate System
  4. Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  5. Dissolved Oxygen Modeling
  6. Water Resources and Quality: Other Issues; Climate Change
  7. Water and Waste Water Treatment Technologies
  8. Groundwater, Aquifers
  9. Fate & Transport of Pollutants – Groundwater; Surface Water
  10. Oil in the Ocean
  11. Risk Assessment
  12. Environmental Regulations
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