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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN411: Ocean Environmental Engineering I

Catalog Description

EN411: Ocean Environmental Engineering I (2-2-3)

An introduction to basic principles and current issues in environmental engineering as applied to the ocean environment. Topical coverage includes chemical and biological considerations in water quality, diffusion and dispersion in estuaries and oceanic environments, engineering methods used to analyze and mitigate the effects of marine pollution, and environmental ethics and regulatory statutes.


  • Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science (Masters and Ela)


  1. Perform conservation of mass and energy calculations and understand how the concepts apply to the investigation of marine/water pollution issues.
  2. Apply topics learned in chemistry to environmental engineering problems with a focus on Dissolved Oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand.
  3. Complete a multi-stage laboratory experiment following the scientific approach and write an effective report with an appreciation of oyster benefits and the Chesapeake Bay.
  4. Appreciate how humans “fit” in the hydrological cycle from an engineering perspective with respect to ground water, drinking water treatment, and waste water processing and pollution.
  5. Produce and present a scientific poster in front of a group of peers examining an environmental issue and evaluating potential solution alternatives.
  6. Realize that the potential solutions to environmental issues require a multi-disciplinary approach involving science, engineering, social, economic, and ethical influences.


  • 1/C EOE Major, OR
  • Approval of NAOE Department Chair

Class Topics

  1. Conservation of Mass
  2. Conservation of Energy
  3. Stoichiometry/Enthalpy in Chemical Systems
  4. Chemical Equilibria
  5. Nitrification/Eutrophication
  6. Solubility of Gases and Case Study
  7. The Carbonate System and Ocean Acidification
  8. Water Resources and Pollution/Case Study
  9. Water Quality: Biochemical Oxygen Demand
  10. Dissolved Oxygen Modeling
  11. Fate & Transport of Pollutants – Surface Water
  12. Fate & Transport of Pollutants – Groundwater
  13. Water Treatment
  14. Wastewater Treatment
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