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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
MIDS at the hydromechanics tank


Hydrolab Hydrolab

NA&OE student and faculty courses and research activities are supported by world-class laboratory facilities and technical support.

Hydromechanics Laboratory


The Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory (NAHL) began operation in Rickover Hall in 1975. The primary mission of NAHL is to further the education of midshipmen. All midshipmen receive instruction in NAHL during the course of their studies. Those who major in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (ENM) or Ocean Engineering (EOE) participate in more advanced laboratory work. Midshipmen in these majors often undertake independent research projects, directly involving NAHL staff and facilities.

The secondary mission of NAHL is to support research for Naval Academy faculty and outside organizations. Faculty in the Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering (NAOE) Department use the facilities for a wide variety of innovative research projects. NAHL staff members also perform testing, under contract, to various Navy, governmental, and private organizations.

To learn more, please visit the Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory website!

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