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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN412: Ocean Environmental Engineering II

Catalog Description

EN412 Ocean Environmental Engineering II (3-0-3).

Basic principles and current issues in environmental engineering as applied to the ocean environment are introduced. Principal focus is on ocean resources: their identification, recovery and utilization. Topical coverage includes the technological aspects of alternate energy sources; deep-ocean oil and gas recovery; desalinization; dredging and uses for dredge spoil; mineral exploitation; ocean depositories; wetlands, reefs and other coastal developments; and environmental economics, ethics, and regulatory statutes. [Spring]


Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science, 3 rd edition by Gilbert M. Masters and Wendell P. Ela, 2007


  1. Provide students with a basic understanding of the ocean’s various resources – their identification, assessment, recovery and effective utilization.
  2. Develop student’s awareness of the technology, potential and limitations, environmental issues and legislation associated with harvesting ocean resources.
  3. Develop student’s ability to design a system or manage a resource through problem identification, data assessment, and resource response to alternative actions.
  4. Refine student’s ability to interpret, analyze and resolve biologic, economic, and engineering data in the solution of problems related to ocean resources.


Prerequisite(s): 1/C engineering major or approval of department chair.

Class Topics

  1. Intro. to Environmental Resource Economics
  2. Ocean Energy (Current, Tide, Wave, Wind, etc.)
  3. Wetlands: functions, value & design
  4. Coral Reefs: function, value & restoration
  5. Artificial Reefs, Isles, Marine Biotech, etc.
  6. Fisheries, Aquaculture: technology & economics
  7. Offshore Oil & Gas, Minerals, Desalination
  8. Additional ocean resource topics (based on student interest survey)
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