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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN461: Ocean Systems Engineering Design I

Catalog Description

EN461: Ocean Systems Engineering Design I (3-0-3)

Engineering design is introduced as an interdisciplinary activity coupling such subjects as applied probability and statistics, cost assessment, decision making, economic evaluation, engineering ethics, and project planning. Instruction in hydrographic surveying and profiling, computer-aided drafting, and design report preparation and presentation is also included.


  • Fundamentals of Engineering Design (Hyman, 2003)
  • Timber Design for the Civil and Structural Professional Engineering Examination (Kim and Kim, 2003)
  • Class Notes and Instructor’s Presentation Materials


  1. Provide each student with a realistic understanding of the nine-step engineering design process from ‘recognizing the need’ through ‘design implementation’ with applications from the discipline of ocean engineering.
  2. Provide students a familiarity with and opportunity to apply the various tools of the design engineer including cost estimating, engineering economics, project planning and scheduling, and decision-making methodologies.
  3. Develop student’s ability to contribute to the design of an engineering system(s) while participating on a design team, such as for the design of a timber pier.
  4. Refine students’ technical communication skills – written, oral, and/or graphic – so as to enable them to be effective communicators of the design product.


  • 1/C Standing in the EOE Major

Class Topics

  1. Engineering Design and the Design Process
  2. Design Decision Making Under Certainty, Risk, Uncertainty
  3. Project Planning and Scheduling
  4. Engineering Economics and Cost Evaluation
  5. Design Optimization/Project Implementation
  6. The Profession: Societal Issues and Ethics
  7. Project Activity: Design Specifications, Teamwork, Oral Communication
  8. Project Activity: Timber Pier Design, Teamwork, Report Preparation
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