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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN456: Advanced Methods in Ship Design

Catalog Description

EN456: Advanced Methods in Ship Design (3-0-3).

An introduction to computer-aided ship design is presented. Topics include numerical procedures applied to form, stability, resistance, propulsion, motion, maneuvering and strength.


Class handouts and selected technical papers


  1. Be familiar with computer assisted computational, graphical, simulation and optimization techniques.
  2. Be able to apply these techniques to problems in both concept and preliminary ship design


EN353 Resistance and Propulsion, NAOE Department, or approval of the NAOE Department Chairman

Class Topics

  1. Computational Methods
  2. Hull Form Development and Analysis
  3. Simulation in Ship Design
  4. Optimization Techniques
  5. Design Methodology
  6. Computer Graphics

Computer Usage

The students are required to make extensive use of the capabilities of their spreadsheet program for this course. Advanced features such as conditional logic, table lookup, intrinsic functions, and optimization are introduced and utilized. The students are required to develop spreadsheets for finding the section modulus of an entire midship section of a ship. The students are also encouraged to use their spreadsheet program to solve the design equations in a systematic form so that they can try different combinations of variables in order to do some basic optimization of their design.

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