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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN440: Design of Foundations for Ocean Structures

Catalog Description

EN440: Design of Foundations for Ocean Structures (3-0-3).

This course covers fundamentals of soil mechanics, with an emphasis on marine soils. The course also covers the design and analysis of shallow foundations, deep pile foundations, and retaining walls. Topics include recommended practices and procedures for planning, designing and constructing adequate foundations for marine structures. [Fall]


Essentials of Soil Mechanics and Foundations , McCarthy, 5 th Ed, Prentice Hall, or Soils and Foundations, Liu and Evett, 7 th Ed, Prentice Hall


  1. Apply basic engineering principles to the analysis of underwater work systems.
  2. Identify design and operational considerations for manned submersibles, unmanned remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and underwater tools.
  3. Conduct in-depth, technical research (using scientific literature) on a topic relevant to underwater work systems.
  4. Apply engineering principles to complete a team design project.
  5. Conduct field laboratory exercises using a ‘state of the art’ Micro-ROV system to reinforce theoretical principles learned in the classroom.


1/C engineering major or approval of department chair

Class Topics

  1. Soil Properties and Classification (4 hrs)
  2. Soil Water Content/Permeability (3 hr)
  3. Soil Stresses and Strength (3 hr)
  4. Soil Compaction (2 hrs)
  5. Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity (3 hrs)
  6. Resistance to Sliding and Overturning (2 hrs)
  7. Shallow Foundation Settlement (2 hrs)
  8. Pile Foundations and Axial Loads (5 hrs)
  9. Settlement of Pile Foundations (2 hrs)
  10. Retaining Walls and Lateral Earth Pressures (5 hr)
  11. Anchored Bulkheads (2 hrs)
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