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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN440: Design of Foundations for Ocean Structures

Catalog Description

EN440: Design of Foundations for Ocean Structures (3-0-3)

A course in structural design theory and practice. Basic structural elements of offshore and coastal structures are designed using current engineering design codes. Topics include material properties, connection methods, and design of steel, composite, and concrete structures.


  • Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam (Lindeburg)


  1. To have a basic understanding of soil mechanics including strength properties, consolidation/settlement, flow of water, etc.
  2. To be able to classify a soil using USCS and AASHTO classification systems.
  3. To analyze/design foundations for the marine environment including shallow foundations, deep foundations, anchors (deep or shallow), and other marine structures.
  4. To incorporate computer analysis in design optimization.
  5. To present project findings in a design report.


  • EN441, Ocean Engineering Structures I

Class Topics

  1. Soil Types and Properties and Soil Classification
  2. Engineering Properties of Soil
  3. Soil Water Content and Soil Permeability
  4. Normal and Shear Stresses in Soil
  5. Determination of Soil Strength
  6. Soil Compaction
  7. Introduction to Shallow Foundations
  8. Vertical Bearing Capacity
  9. Resistance to Sliding and Overturning
  10. Foundation Settlement
  11. Introduction to Pile Foundations
  12. Axial Pile Capacity
  13. Capacity of Pile Groups and Settlement of Pile Foundations
  14. Introduction to Retaining Walls and Lateral Earth Pressures
  15. Anchored Bulkheads
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