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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN458: Advanced Marine Vehicles

Catalog Description

EN458: Advanced Marine Vehicles (2-2-3)

Modern watercraft discussed: planing boats, hydrofoil craft, ground-effect machines, and combatant and research submersibles. Analysis and design features are investigated experimentally in the tow-tank, when appropriate.


  • Various Technical Articles and Design Reports


  1. Become familiar with unconventional marine vehicles on a technical basis.
  2. Be able to extend previously acquired technical knowledge of naval architecture to unconventional vehicles.
  3. Be able to make use of current technical literature and understand limitations to the current theories, as applied to unconventional vehicles.
  4. Develop an understanding and appreciation for the type and scope of the work which needs to be done in order to complete a successful model testing program.
  5. Have sufficient knowledge to be able to design a limited model testing program for an unconventional vehicle. This includes instrument selection, test matrix development, and dynamometry planning.


  • EN353, Resistance and Propulsion, AND
  • EN455, Seakeeping and Maneuvering

Class Topics

  1. Vehicle Comparison
  2. Semi-Displacement Vehicles
  3. Catamarans
  4. Trimarans
  5. Planing Vehicles
  6. Planing Boat Dynamics
  7. Hydrofoil Vehicles
  8. Hybrid Vehicles
  9. Surface Effect Vehicles

Laboratory Projects

  1. Semi-Displacement Vehicle
  2. Catamaran Hull Testing
  3. Trimaran Hull Testing
  4. Planing Boat Model Testing
  5. Planing Boat Dynamic Instability
  6. Planing Boat Seakeeping
  7. Hydrofoil Boat Model Testing
  8. Hy-Cat Boat Model Testing
  9. SWATH Seakeeping
  10. Surface-Effect Boat Model Testing
  11. Student Project Testing
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