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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN401: Engineering in the Littoral Zone

Catalog Description

EN401: Engineering in the Littoral Zone (3-2-4)

This course is an introduction to engineering principles applied to the near-shore and on-shore environment. Basic engineering mechanics, strength of materials and soil mechanics are studied to provide a base for further investigation. Coastal processes including wave action, sediment transport, beach formation and erosion are discussed. How the combination of such processes and basic mechanics affect such things as small boat hydrostatics, sea-to-shore logistics operations, and coastal structure assessment and construction are studied. [Fall, Spring]


Course notes have been compiled and are available at the USNA bookstore.


Numerous references are used to supplement the course notes.


Course objectives are listed at the beginning of each chapter of the course notes.


NS100, SP211, 3/C Cruise

Computer Usage

Basic computer usage, such as use of word-processing and spreadsheet software, is expected for completion of various homework assignments and laboratory write-ups.

Laboratory Projects

 Numerous laboratory projects are performed throughout the semester related to coursework.

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