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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN420: Coastal Engineering

Catalog Description

EN420 Coastal Engineering (2-2-3).

This course provides an overview of the design of both shore protection systems and port and harbor structures. Topics include sea level fluctuations, wind-wave forecasting, shallow water wave transformation, sediment transport, littoral processes, “soft engineering” approaches like beach nourishment, and structural design of revetments, groins, jetties, and breakwaters. Emphasis is on design using Army Corps of Engineers manuals. [fall]


Sections of the Coastal Engineering Manual, US Army Corps of Engineers, 2002


  1. Analyze water level, wind, and wave conditions necessary for coastal design
  2. Understand sediment transport processes in the coastal environment
  3. Design non-structural erosion control systems (beach fill)
  4. Design structural erosion control systems (revetments, breakwaters, etc)
  5. Identify advantages/disadvantages of erosion control system alternatives


EM211, Statics

3/C ENA major

Class Topics

  1. Water levels for coastal design
  2. Extreme value analysis of wind and waves
  3. Wind-wave hindcasting
  4. Waves transformation in shallow water
  5. Sediment properties
  6. Sediment transport, beach processes and dynamics
  7. Equilibrium beach profiles and applications
  8. Non-structural erosion control
  9. Structural erosion control
  10. Breakwaters for harbor protection
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